Xzavier Davis-Bilbo was paralyzed by a distracted driver.

Christmas Wish List

I’m the grandma to that kid in the picture above.  I am that lady down in Texas who tried to get Xzavier invited to the White House for Christmas.  See,  I had the bright idea that if more people knew about what happened to Xzavier because a woman was texting instead of driving that maybe some of those people would stop texting and killing, yes killing.  This distracted driving since the invent of cell phones is killing us, over a million of us every year.   We are not ready for this technology.  If I could get my wish it would be for cell phone devices to be disabled while in motion.  This can be accomplished with GPS or some other technology that already exists, or does it?  So I tried to get Xzavier invited to the White House.  I shot off about 20 something emails before the website went wonky, the contact the White House website, not the Obama Care website.

So all I want for Christmas is for everyone to be safe out on the roads.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo in mask for first day of 3rd grade.  He's eight.  He's been paralyzed for three years.

And I want Xzavier to get this All Terrain Wheelchair.  His mother says they have a more immediate need for a new wheelchair accessible van.  The one she has now is in need of some serious maintenance and Xzavier hits his head on the ceiling of the van coming and going.

Copy (2) of Copy of Jazzy9small

Jazzy Fosho wishes for a good part in a movie.  Al Paccino’s movie would have been just fine. ” Robert, call me.”

What’s your Christmas wish?


Thanksgiving is Tomorrow

How is everyone? I hope your turkey day is a good one, myself, I am a vegetarian for the last three years so I’ll be eating the greenbean casserole (yes with cheese, I plan to cheat and add dairy embellishments).

The last time I corresponded with Valetta she said she had another event to report on, then I didn’t hear back from her.  I hope everything is okay with her and her kids, especially Xzavier.  I know that Valetta has so much to deal with.  Whenever she drops off from contact with us I know she is dealing with the medical needs of her son.  This is Valetta’s number one priority,  keeping him alive and well cared for.  Only after can she focus on her campaign against Distracted Driving.  You can help.  Many people use this holiday to volunteer at Soup Kitchens for the Homeless.  If that isn’t for you but you are feeling blessed and wanting to support a worthy cause you can donate in person at any Educator’s Credit Union nationwide.  Inform the bank teller you want to donate to the X-Man Foundation in care of his mother Vaeltta Bradford.  The X-Man Foundation is a federally recognized non-profit organization.

If there are no Educator’s Credit Unions where you are, then contact Valetta on facebook or you can send a gift to her post office box.



Halloween Week for Xzavier and family

It’s been a blur of activity for Valetta.  The Third Annual Rally for Awareness was rained out.  Valetta says the friends and family hung in there like troopers, but I could tell she was disappointed that they didn’t raise the money for the new van.  It’s not running too good and Xzavier hits his head coming and going on the ceiling of the van.

Valetta had two interviews yesterday on a Friday.  I’ll post those links as they become available.  She got up early to do those.  Valetta has speaking engagements as often as she can book them and she is a one woman show up there by the Great Lakes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I hope they have time for Halloween.  I’m posting this pics of Halloweens past to get everyone inspired.  Maybe Aurie will go as an Angel this year.

What it takes to keep going

Everyone across the nation has had to tighten their belts.

Aurie Parris hugs her brother Xzavier Davis-Bilbo.

That goes more so for Valetta than anyone.  Xzavier has to have a lot of medical supplies to keep his trachea equipment free from infection.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is paralyzed and he is eight years old.

Xzavier has to have a special cream for his skin so it doesn’t break down.  This is true of every paralyzed person.  You don’t want bedsores.

And then there’s the campaign against Distracted Driving that Valetta along with her kids Xzavier Davis-Bilbo and Aurie Parris.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo needs lots of specialty medical needs

The donations are just not pouring in.  No one contributes to the Swear Jar and I haven’t heard of any care packages being sent to Valetta’s PO Box.

Valetta Bradford
PO Box 06061
Milwaukee, WI 53206

What it takes to keep going is sponsorships.  We are seeking sponsorships for this family.  This family has suffered so much.  There has to be a counter action that raises them as high as what happened to them was horrific.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo holds his new cousin.

And Xzavier Davis-Bilbo be held up to show folks who are texting and driving ought not be texting and driving.

Anyone who will sponsor this family may contact Valetta Bradford through her facebook.


or to reach Valetta sooner


‘Don’t text for X’

Hurray for Hollywood!

Xzavier has been invited to a red carpet event in Hollywood!!!

AT&T has produced a new documentary directed by Werner Herzog featuring Xzavier Davis-Bilbo.   Valetta Bradford, Xzavier’s mom is a spokeswoman against Distracted Driving and you can friend her at:



She has over 2K friends.  She will friend you also.  Valetta will be setting up a method to receive donations through her email for the on-going campaign that has changed the direction of their lives.

Little Man has lost his left lung and his legs are useless.  He is confined to a wheelchair and has to be on a breathing machine.  But his mind is fine.  Think about how thrilling this will be for him to attend the red carpet event and meet Hollywood celebrities.

I’m thrilled for him because I know he’s going to get to go.  Make it so.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo

At the time of this writing,  X-man is eight years old.

If you have found your way to this page then you know as much as I do about what happened.

Xzavier Davis-Bilbo is paralyzed and he is eight years old.

This page is about what can happen.

X-man and his family are such awesome people and for the last three years they have cared for their little man and now, after his public service announcement with his mom Valetta Bradford,  the world is getting to know all about X-man.

And we want to help.

And our help from here is going directly to his family and not channeled through anyone else except Valetta.  The intent is to turn this all over to her so she  can provide X-man with the best day he can have each and every day from now on.

Let’s see what we can come up with.

I’m a big thinker and these blogs for X-man are world-wide.  X-man had goals to be a football player and he’s had at least one benefit from the Pantherdise folks in a local effort to raise money for a wheelchair accessible van.

I hope they did it.

And I hope they get so much support from us that the family gets a much larger house so that the  care takers each have their own suite and Valetta can have some live-in help for some much needed privacy,  just a couple of hours each day for herself.

And for X-man I was thinking a Community Center near their home in Xzavier’s name  and furnished with  state of the art equipment,   a special needs kind of place that is also loads of fun.

Or whatever he wants.  I want them to receive so much support that they never have to worry about money troubles ever again.  They have enough on their plate as it is.

And they still have their X-man.

And they shared him with us,  the world at large.

So we still have you X  and that is why you are so special.  We are all so sorry that you have your injuries and everyone here wants you to be happy and comfortable with your loving family.

We still have you.